Our Games

Star Tycoon (coming soon!)

Take your company to the stars in this intergalactic engine building game. Claim planets, build production facilities and play the market. Buy low, sell high and make profit!

Mothership: 2nd Edition

In an ever-changing galaxy, it is up to you to secure a new home on distant worlds. Uncover alien artifacts, develop your planets and defend your colony at all costs!

Into the Vortex

Mothership’s first expansion gives you even more replayability with new Class Cards, Nebula, Wormholes and Artifacts to explore.

Call of the Void

Mothership’s second expansion adds Black holes, Neutron stars, objectives and hilarious short-story cards that no sci-fi fan will want to miss.

Beyond the Expanse

This miniatures-focused expansion pack for Mothership will add a variety of ways to increase your presence in the galaxy and more ways to gain Victory Points.

We love SciFi.
We love Board games.

We make games we want to play. That means space ships, aliens and crazy technology.
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