Announcing Star Tycoon

I’m very excited to announce our new board game, Star Tycoon!
In Star Tycoon, players will take on the role of an interstellar business with the goal of out-performing their business rivals by the last round.
Each player gains Victory Points by claiming sets of planets and developing them with production facilities and other buildings.
Central to Star Tycoon is the Galactic Exchange, a fluctuating market that reacts supply and demand. Knowing when to buy and when to sell is key creating a profitable business.
Coming to Kickstarter in 2023.


  1. Brett says:

    Hi, looks good!!! Will mothership and all the expansions be printed again as having difficulty finding it or will that be a option on the pledge manager? Best of luck

    1. Avatar photo Peter says:

      Thanks Brett! Regarding Mothership, there are no plans for a reprint at the moment. There are some left in Australia and Europe, both for international shipping though. Check out the shop page for details.
      But, we are planning more games in the future that build on what made Mothership great! So stay tuned for that.

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