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Star Tycoon Box Art

I’m pumped to reveal the box art for our upcoming engine building game Star Tycoon. A big thanks to our artist @miksdickinson for his amazing work.

Beyond the Expanse details and Rulebook + Main Rulebook changes

I’ve been hard at work with pre-production; which I finally finished as of today, and all files have now been sent off to the printer.

From here, a sample will be created and mailed to me for approval. After I’m 100% happy with it (which might take a few revisions) I’ll give the green light for production to start.

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New Expansion Announced: Beyond the Expanse

I’m so excited to announce a brand new expansion for Mothership: Beyond the Expanse

Wondrous sights await you as you explore Beyond the Expanse. Tales are told of Pirates, space dwelling aliens, merchant traders and planets that are covered in giant sprawling cities. This miniatures-focused expansion pack will add a variety of ways to increase your presence in the galaxy and more ways to gain Victory Points.

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Production almost finished + Photos of the final game

In the last update I mentioned that full production had started…well now it has almost finished! The team at Boda Games have really done a great job in getting the game made in a timely manner. I have even been sent the final retail release to quality check.

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Black Holes, Neutron Stars + Action Card Changes + Bigger Box!

Oh boy, what an awesome update I’ve got for you! Let’s jump right in…

New Module: Black Holes + Neutron Stars

What!? A new module? Can I just add stuff to the game after the campaign?

Sure can, I’m the creator. I can add a packet of tomato sauce to every box if I wanted!

First off, a bit of background: This was an idea I had kicking around in the back of my mind for a bit, but ran out of time to develop and play-test it before the campaign launched. I’m not one to promise something that isn’t fully made (and then rush to get it done later). Isn’t it better to get a surprise like this!?

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Huge update! All Base Game Changes

After months and months of non-stop development, I can finally tell you all about the exciting changes coming to Mothership’s base game.

After the last campaign, I took what I thought was going to be a permanent hiatus from Mothership. I was proud of the game that I had made and was even prouder that so many people loved playing it. Then we found a publisher, which breathed new life into the game. After a year or so, I was only supposed to be consulting / advising on the new expansion but…I couldn’t help myself. I came up with so many new ideas that I couldn’t help but work on the game again.

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Expansion and Reprint – Kickstarter April 4th

A new Kickstarter for Mothership’s first expansion will launch on April the 4th!

The expansion is titled – Into the Vortex

Into the Vortex will include lots of cool stuff to beef up your Mothership experience. More details to come next week.

Mothership App Released

App store

If you want to add a little electronic touch your Mothership experience then look no further than the Mothership Dice Roller. Now available on Google Play and Apple App Store, use the app to roll dice for your whole table or use one device to replace a single player’s Tech Tree and Control Panel.

The app also includes the rule book, full card list and How to Play video.

Ever since I started playing dice-based tabletop games I have tried to find an easier way to add up dice rolls. And look, I’ll level with you, my brain is visual. I’m not terrible at maths but adding up in head is a slow process. So I know some of you will still want to keep using physical dice, and that’s cool! But for those like me that would rather a computer to do the adding up for them, you can download it now.

Kickstarter Launches 15th of May!

Not long now! Stay tuned on twitter and facebook to see all the exciting changes being added to the game.

How to Play video

I’ve added a ‘How to Play’ page which you can access at the top. It contains a video designed to teach you how to play Mothership in the quickest way possible.

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