New Website, new name!

I’m super excited to announce we have a new name! Introducing Warp Core Games. It’s the same team who brought you Mothership and all the expansions, but now with 100% more name.

A huge thanks to our amazing artist Michael Dickinson for bringing our branding and logo to life.

Mothership Tabletop Simulator Mod Updated

The amazing Ken from CodedCardboard has finished updating the TTS mod for Mothership. That means the complete Mothership experience is now available for free digitally. Thanks Ken!
Check it out here:

Special Edition Box Update + Photos

I’ve been asked so many questions about the Special Edition Box since it was announced, and even more in the last few weeks.

As some of you already know, I’ve been stalling while trying to find away around a huge road block: The box is flipping huge. Regardless of how little it weighs, the physical dimensions makes it very expensive to ship. To make matters worse, COVID has jacked up prices everywhere.

I’ve exhausted every available avenue. At the volume we’re printing at, there is just no way we can get it to you at a reasonable price.

To give you an idea, the absolute cheapest price I’ve been able to find is $55 USD shipping to the USA (other countries are even higher). That is an insane amount of money to pay no matter how much you love Mothership (and that is in addition to the price of the box).

So that means…the Special Edition Box will have to be shelved…for now.

I’m sorry for dangling it in front of you for so long!

But, does that mean you will never have an opportunity ever again to get the entire game in one box with fancy trays? Well…not necessarily…

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Wave 2 Production Complete + Photos

It’s been a big month for us here at Mothership HQ. When I say ‘us’ of course I mean just me…and when I say ‘Mothership HQ’ I mean my house. But it makes it sound very exciting doesn’t it?

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Special Edition Box Info + Price

The box art features gold foil and spot UV on a matt black box. I loved the minimalistic style of the original box made in 2016 so much that I really wanted to bring it back.But, the front of the box is not the best part…the best part is what comes INSIDE the box…7 custom plastic trays to hold EVERYTHING.

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First look at the Special Edition Box

Here’s your first look at the Mothership Limited Edition box! It’s reminiscent of the 1st edition special box from 2016, with minimal spot uv and gold foil highlights. If you think the outside looks good, wait until you see what’s inside 😎 More info to come later this month.

Photos + Full Production Started

Sample Time!

The sample from Boda Games finally came through for inspection and pretty much everything was spot on. There were a few things here and there that needed to be tweaked, but nothing major that would delay the project.

But, enough talk! You want photos! (Keep in mind these are samples. The colours and quality are improved in the final retail versions that you will receive.)

How good do these shiny gold metal ships look?? I can’t believe it, they look so much better than I could have hoped.

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Production Update

Production Update

Pre-production (the time spent finalising files and artwork) finished at the end of June. The next step is creating a sample. That’s what the manufacturer has been working on since July 1st.

The sample is basically exactly what the game will look like in the final copies sent out to everyone. I expected the sample to completed by now, but there has been a delay caused by…ME.

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Beyond the Expanse details and Rulebook + Main Rulebook changes

I’ve been hard at work with pre-production; which I finally finished as of today, and all files have now been sent off to the printer.

From here, a sample will be created and mailed to me for approval. After I’m 100% happy with it (which might take a few revisions) I’ll give the green light for production to start.

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New Expansion Announced: Beyond the Expanse

I’m so excited to announce a brand new expansion for Mothership: Beyond the Expanse

Wondrous sights await you as you explore Beyond the Expanse. Tales are told of Pirates, space dwelling aliens, merchant traders and planets that are covered in giant sprawling cities. This miniatures-focused expansion pack will add a variety of ways to increase your presence in the galaxy and more ways to gain Victory Points.

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