Self Publishing

Finding a Manufacturer and How to Be Better Than Me

With the production period behind me, now is a good time to talk about my experience with getting Mothership manufactured by WinGO which should hopefully assist you with choosing a manufacturer yourself.

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Review: The Game Crafter

I’ve plugged their site a few times on this blog. Print-on-demand is a great way to get anything published nowadays and board games have gotten this treatment thanks to The Game Crafter. Here are some photos from my first major print run.

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That Pesky 3rd Dimension

This post is going to talk about some of the 3D tools I’ve used in the development of Mothership.

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Principles and Your Game

“But only Jedi have principles!”

Whoa settle down bro, I haven’t even gotten started yet. This might be the most important thing you learn about designing your board game.

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Coming Up with an Art Style

“Art sells games.”

I’m not sure who originally said that but it’s a good saying.

I had a hard time figuring out an art style for Mothership. This post might not apply to you if you’re paying a real, honest-to-goodness artist to illustrate your game (and you’ll be better off for it). But if you’re like me and you stubbornly insist on having creative control over everything, then you’re in the right place.

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