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New Expansion Announced: Beyond the Expanse

I’m so excited to announce a brand new expansion for Mothership: Beyond the Expanse

Wondrous sights await you as you explore Beyond the Expanse. Tales are told of Pirates, space dwelling aliens, merchant traders and planets that are covered in giant sprawling cities. This miniatures-focused expansion pack will add a variety of ways to increase your presence in the galaxy and more ways to gain Victory Points.

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The Booster Pack Campaign has Launched!

And we’ve launched! And now I get to stare anxiously at my phone for the next 28 days 😂I’m also about to send out an email via the mailing list and social channels, so sorry to all those who will get double up notifications today.

Here’s the link, hope to see you all having a party in the comments section:

Nintendo Switch Macro Controller and Animal Crossing New Horizons

Regular readers of my blog will know I’m a massive Nintendo fan (hence some of the references hidden in Mothership). Regular readers will also know that I haven’t posted in a bit and, well, that’s because I’ve been playing Animal Crossing on the Switch…don’t worry I’ll be posting new Mothership info real soon!

In the meantime, I just had to post about this easy little trick that I found which will hopefully make you some easy bells and also save your hands from a little repetitive strain disorder.

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Mothership Official Shop Launched!

Mothership 2nd Edition is now ready to ship all over the world! Thanks to everyone who backed the Kickstarter and made this a reality.

To celebrate, for a limited time you can buy Mothership at the same Kickstarter price of $69 USD using the coupon code ‘LAUNCHED’ at checkout. Head over to the store right now if you haven’t picked up a copy.

Don’t forget to post photos of your game on Instagram or BGG.

App Released + Production Update + Production Photos

Production has 100% finished! This is amazing news because it means we’re on the home stretch. Currently, the games are sitting in a warehouse in China and are awaiting the fulfilment team’s instructions. The next time we speak, your game will be in the middle of the ocean somewhere (on a boat of course, I don’t mean floating aimlessly…)

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Production almost finished + Photos of the final game

In the last update I mentioned that full production had started…well now it has almost finished! The team at Boda Games have really done a great job in getting the game made in a timely manner. I have even been sent the final retail release to quality check.

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November News

Full production started

All the files have been finalized and samples approved…Boda Games has started full production on Mothership! This means we are well on schedule for a February 2020 ship date. Everything has gone smoothly so far, and I’m super confident in our fulfillment partner Quartermaster Logistics to get the games to where they need to on time.

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New Card Artwork + Digital App Info + Polish Rules

There’s been an update in the card artwork for all the purple action cards. The older artwork was good, but Alkira wasn’t happy with it as it was too busy to be behind text. Here’s the new artwork:


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Big Pre-production update + Manufacturer spotlight

Manufacturer Spotlight

The 1st Edition of Mothership was handled by a company named WinGo who are known for a few Kickstarter games. They were great to work with and the minis were fantastic, but quality issues with some of the printed materials and increasing costs made us look else where for a new factory.

We chose a new manufacturer before the Kickstarter began, a process that took about 4 months. Out of a short list of about 5 companies, we chose Boda Games. They were kind enough to send us a sample (ie a full game!) to show us the quality of their work. They sent Bunny Kingdom which they produced (published by Iello) and we were very impressed. 

So far their communication and diligence in getting the quotes correct and working with the massive list of extras and SKU’s has been excellent.

Actually, let me emphasis that point a little further…the entire Mothership project is HUGE. 

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