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Brand New Website!

With so many changes coming to Mothership, I thought it would be fitting to give the site a bit of a face lift. Some key information on the main page is missing at the moment. Details such as the new Tech Tree, updated Control Panel and box contents will be added later.

In the meantime, enjoy the new look and sign up to the newsletter or social media to get notified of future updates (of which there will be many!).

Playtesting Continues

Playtesting is almost complete on this section of the game.
The new unit is a hit! I mentioned in a previous post that I didn’t want any game shattering changes. The new unit and accompanying 4th tech tree really round out Mothership in a way that provides much needed variety and substance without affecting the balance.
I’m not quite ready to show off the unit or the new tree just yet. But you should definately look forward to the next update and next expansion for Mothership.
Next on my list, the untitled expansion content which will dramatically affect all gameplay types in a way I think you’ll all love. 😉

Second Edition Update

Here’s an update on the next campaign and new edition.

Next Kickstarter: As you might be aware, the awesome team at Outer Limit Games will be publishing and running the next Kickstarter for Mothership. As a result, we are running on their game timeline. They have three massive games being produced and fulfilled as we speak.

For them, they have decided to finish the majority of these projects before running another campaign so they don’t have to divert their attention away from Mothership. So, bottom line, when is the new campaign? The new target Q4 2018. That might seem like a long way off, but I am super happy about this decision.

New content: I’m so thankful for this revised timeline as it means the new content can have more time in the play-testing oven.

“What’s the new content? Tell me!!”

Alright settle down, here’s what we have planned:

  • Full single player / co-op campaign
  • New defense unit
  • Updated Tech tree with entirely new category
  • New Action cards

I want to build on what is already familiar and loved, not overhaul an already great frame work.

Don’t forget, for any new stuff, we will make sure that previous backers will be able to get their hands on it without having to buy a whole new copy. Although you can buy a whole new copy too, I’m not here to tell you what to do.

New Board Layouts

I’ve just updated the Board Layout page with a massive 18 new maps, all including Into the Vortex elements like nebula and wormholes. Five of the new maps are also on the new 24″ board!

A big thanks to Doc for sending me a whole bunch of new content! If you want to get involved making new layouts, check out the Layout Creator and send me screenshots of what you make.

Finding a Manufacturer and How to Be Better Than Me

With the production period behind me, now is a good time to talk about my experience with getting Mothership manufactured by WinGO which should hopefully assist you with choosing a manufacturer yourself.

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Expansion and Reprint – Kickstarter April 4th

A new Kickstarter for Mothership’s first expansion will launch on April the 4th!

The expansion is titled – Into the Vortex

Into the Vortex will include lots of cool stuff to beef up your Mothership experience. More details to come next week.

Board Layout Creator Now Available

Some players love creating their own board layouts for Mothership and now there’s a way to share them with others. Introducing the Board Layout Creator.

After arranging the tiles in the web app, take a screenshot and send it to me and I’ll review it and upload it the Layout Gallery.

There are some guidelines to follow, but generally just have fun with it. Any game type is accepted, 2 – 6 player, free for all or team games.

After a few weeks or so I’ll be updating the Mothership App to include all the layouts so you can refer to them while setting up the game.

Mothership App Released

App store

If you want to add a little electronic touch your Mothership experience then look no further than the Mothership Dice Roller. Now available on Google Play and Apple App Store, use the app to roll dice for your whole table or use one device to replace a single player’s Tech Tree and Control Panel.

The app also includes the rule book, full card list and How to Play video.

Ever since I started playing dice-based tabletop games I have tried to find an easier way to add up dice rolls. And look, I’ll level with you, my brain is visual. I’m not terrible at maths but adding up in head is a slow process. So I know some of you will still want to keep using physical dice, and that’s cool! But for those like me that would rather a computer to do the adding up for them, you can download it now.

New Retail Box Art

One of the many things I’ve been doing while getting Mothership ready for mass production is preparing some new artwork for the retail version of Mothership.

The Limited Edition Box featured in the Kickstarter campaign will be only be around for about 1000 copies. The artwork above will be on the box in the future. Read on to hear more about the creative process.

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Easy Roller Dice Review – Gun Metal Series

I got my hands on a set of Easy Roller’s Gunmetal Dice series. How good are they? Should you buy some? Read on to find out…

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