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Mothership has been Funded!

After 31 days 811 backers pledged over $50,000 to help make Mothership a reality! Thank you to everyone who got involved!

If you missed the campaign you can still pre-order but clicking the link at the top of the page. The Kickstarter edition will be available for a little longer but pre-orders will close in a month or so.

All updates for Mothership will be posted to Kickstarter first here. Okay, now to get back to work!

Mothership Animated Trailer

Wow what crazy few months! We have launched the Kickstarter and a new animated trailer!

Kickstarter Launches 15th of May!

Not long now! Stay tuned on twitter and facebook to see all the exciting changes being added to the game.

How to Play video

I’ve added a ‘How to Play’ page which you can access at the top. It contains a video designed to teach you how to play Mothership in the quickest way possible.

Player Engagement

When someone plays your game, do they care about it? Do they care about their next move or do they even want to get to their next turn? This is player engagement.

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Over Two Years in Development

Whoa boy what a difference two years makes! The first photo was my 2nd prototype and I can’t even remember what the second photo is…maybe 14th?

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Review: The Game Crafter

I’ve plugged their site a few times on this blog. Print-on-demand is a great way to get anything published nowadays and board games have gotten this treatment thanks to The Game Crafter. Here are some photos from my first major print run.

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Game Piece Development

Just a quick follow up post from my article on game pieces showing my three main ideas for Mothership.

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That Pesky 3rd Dimension

This post is going to talk about some of the 3D tools I’ve used in the development of Mothership.

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Principles and Your Game

“But only Jedi have principles!”

Whoa settle down bro, I haven’t even gotten started yet. This might be the most important thing you learn about designing your board game.

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