Photos + Full Production Started

Sample Time!

The sample from Boda Games finally came through for inspection and pretty much everything was spot on. There were a few things here and there that needed to be tweaked, but nothing major that would delay the project.

But, enough talk! You want photos! (Keep in mind these are samples. The colours and quality are improved in the final retail versions that you will receive.)

How good do these shiny gold metal ships look?? I can’t believe it, they look so much better than I could have hoped.

Ooooo shiny!!

The new Pirate Stronghold really stands apart from the other minis as a trophy to be conquered.

Pirate Stronghold Sample

Here are one of the cards that are awarded if you manage to capture the Pirate Stronghold.

Just one of the 6x new Pirate Stronghold Expanse Cards

A shout-out to Bjorn Brett who designed the whale and Jakub Perski who modelled it. It’s a fantastic new addition and adds a really nice element to the game.

The adorable, and valuable, Wandering Space Whale
Some of the new cards produced in the new expansion and booster pack

I am still so happy that this new city planet could be made. I had no idea this campaign would go this well. This now brings all my planet ideas into Mothership!

City Planet sample next to a Gas Planet

If you haven’t read the rules yet, the Merchant Enclaves act like a ‘longest road card’ from Catan. Not necessary for winning, but will award the player with some nice bonuses if they manage to score it.

New Merchant Enclave orbiting a Mineral Planet

Check out all my random sci-fi shapes:

Expanse Cards – welcome to the family!

Full Production Has Begun

Now that the sample has been approved and final proofreading has finished, full production has started. It’s slated to be completed on November 10th. Which brings me to today’s bad news…

COVID Delays – Estimated Ship Date now around Jan 2021

You may or may not be aware of the current pandemic wrecking the world right now. Aside from causing unspeakable pain to human life and ruining the mental health of those not infected, it’s also made producing material possessions a little inconvenient.

Nearly every step in the supply chain from production to last-mile delivery has been affected in some way, causing an overall estimated delay of about 2 to 3 months.

As mentioned in the last section, production will finish around Nov 10th. It then takes about 2 months for the games to get from the warehouse to fulfilment centers around the world, and into the hands of postal workers…and that’s NOT during a pandemic.

So, I’m really sorry to have to give this news, but as it stands, we won’t be able to make our Nov ship date. At the moment, I would say you’d be fortunate to get your games by Jan 2021.

I really want to thank all of you for your support and understanding. Please make sure you give a thought to all those people stuck in factories, forced to work through this pandemic just to print us plastic stuff to explode with our imaginations.

Next Update…

The next update will hopefully include the final version of the Vortex Dice set and maybe…JUST MAYBE…some news on the special edition box. 

Stay safe everyone, talk to you again soon!

– Peter

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