Root – 3D Printed Tray to hold all 3x faction expansions (Riverfolk, Underworld, Marauders)

If you were wondering what I’ve been up to since work on Mothership wrapped, now you know…playing a ton of board games. My latest obsession is the excellent strategy game, Root.

I’ve bought all of Root’s expansions and fallen in love with every aspect of it’s design and execution…except for it’s storage options. I’ve read that Leder games won’t release a bigger box until they basically know Root is complete (good idea!) but until they do, I’m going to do my absolute best to fit every component into the box.

Many people have taken a crack at 3D printed storage options for the game, and none of them were exactly what I was after, so I decided to design my own and share it with you lovely internet people.

Root – 3D Printed Storage

File and design Licence:

You may download, and use the files for your personal use.
You may not derive any income from the files themselves, BUT if you want to 3D print the files and sell the actual prints, then that is allowed but only if you link back to this page and attribute myself as the author (Peter Sanderson).

Files available to download here on Thingiverse. 

Recommend Print Settings

  • Infil: 20%
  • Layer Height: 0.2
  • No supports needed

Quick note on my design

  • I’ve chosen 1.2mm as the wall width for most of trays.
  • My goal was to get every faction on the first layer while trying to be as economical on space. This requires you to carefully store the components. If you prefer to just throw the parts into a box, this print might not be for you.
  • Marauders info – I had to guess the size of everything based on known information provided on their kickstarter. I will update the print to match perfectly when I get my copy.
  • 2nd Layer tray – This is a temporary file and will be updated to fit as much of the hirelings and / or landmarks as possible.
  • I’m also aware the 2nd layer tray is bigger than most average bed sizes. I’ll update the files when Marauders comes out to include a split design.
  • Card holder is a modified version based on CDBURGESS. It will hold one deck of sleeved cards plus additional faction-specific cards.
  • After both layers are placed in the box, I fit my dice in the card holders.
  • The base game box will then fix both boards and I generally fill a second expansion box with faction mats.

I know the design isn’t 100% perfect and the way I store parts won’t be for everyone, but hey it might work for you!

1st layer holds all factions

2nd layer holds resin markers, 2x landmarks, mountain passes and crafting items

Everything all tightly packed away.

2nd layer tray is not final. I will update it when I get my copy of Marauders, Hirelings and new Landmarks

Note: One ruins token needs to go in the tray for now.

Like a glove!

I store the two boards over the 2nd layer as I find them easier to remove….

This needs two boxes.

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