Special Edition Box Info + Price

The box art features gold foil and spot UV on a matt black box. I loved the minimalistic style of the original box made in 2016 so much that I really wanted to bring it back.But, the front of the box is not the best part…the best part is what comes INSIDE the box…7 custom plastic trays to hold EVERYTHING.

It holds the base game, 3 expansions, XL Add-on pack, booster pack, and the gold ships. You may also be able to make out in the picture above that there is an additional spot for the random even dice from the 2016 campaign.

Planets and Hazards tray (last tray in the picture): This should be able to fit everything you’ve purchased, plus a few extras. But a warning, if you’ve gone crazy and bought heaps of extra planets, you may not be able to fit them all in this tray. 

Pull out trays: There are three smaller trays which can be placed on the table during gameplay. This includes dedicated holders for all card and cube types (except for HP and tech).

Board Tray (top right-hand corner): This holds the normal-sized board and XL board, plus control panels and tech trees for up to 9 players. Whether or not I will be able to offer parts for a 9th player is unknown yet, but I thought I’d leave enough space anyway.

Construction: I’m working with Boda Games to make sure the plastic and box are not flimsy. The plan is to have double thickness cardboard for the box and double thickness for the plastic trays.

Price: We’re aiming for….$35 USD + shipping.

If you have any feedback, leave a comment below!

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