Wave 2 Production Complete + Photos

It’s been a big month for us here at Mothership HQ. When I say ‘us’ of course I mean just me…and when I say ‘Mothership HQ’ I mean my house. But it makes it sound very exciting doesn’t it?

Wave 2 Fulfillment

Printing and manufacturing of wave 2 is complete! As a reminder, here’s a list of what’s coming in wave 2:

  • Exclusive: Metal Gold Ships
  • Exclusive: Vortex Dice set
  • Expansion: Beyond the Expanse
  • Booster Pack
  • Add-on: City Planets
  • Add-on: Merchant Enclaves
  • Add-on: Space Whale
  • Add-on: Pirate Stronghold
  • Add-on: Extra Gas Planets
  • Add-on: Extra Mineral Planets
  • Add-on: Extra Moons

I’ve been holding out on this update as long as possible as I wanted to give the good news that it’s all on the boat…but it’s not quite. Stupid COVID and stupid end of year has been delaying everything. Yeah COVID is stupid, I SAID IT.

It’s close though…I’m hoping by end of the month…we should still be on track for some games to start fulfillment in January 2021 (some regions will start at the very least by the end of Jan).

Photos of the Final Production Copy

The final production copy came in and we had no choice but to have a proper game with the new gear.

Here are some action shots of the final components you will be receiving very soon:


Special Edition Box Update

There are some production and logistical issues I’m working through right now (caused by how monstrously huge the box is)… so updates about the special edition box will be paused until I get some solutions.

Thanks for your patience!

App Update

I haven’t spoken much about the Mothership app during this campaign. What’s the app, you ask?

The Android / iOS app replace 1x player’s Control Panel and Tech Tree. It includes a dice roller that automatically calculates the correct dice to use for each ship and will add all corresponding buffs based on your energy levels, Tech Tree purchases, Class selection and controlled artifacts.

For more information and screenshots, visit this page.

An update is coming: The plan is to have the app updated with all the new Booster Pack content by the time you receive the physical content in the mail. If you download it onto your device now, it will automatically update when it’s released.


That’s all from me for this week and this year. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to speaking to you again when this hideous year is behind us.

– Peter


  1. Brian says:

    Where can I get a copy of this expansion? I’m also looking for a 2nd copy of the base game.

    1. Peter says:

      Hey Brian! We’ve sold out of all copies, but I’ve just added a page here to list some retailers that may have a copy of the game left. Hopefully they may have some.

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