Mothership Companion App

Google Play

Out now on Google Play is an app designed to complement your ship exploding, dice rolling experience (Apple has taken down the app due to their new update policy).

Here’s the features list:

  • Use this app to replace 1x player’s Control Panel and Tech Tree.
  • The app includes a dice roller that automatically calculates the correct dice to use for each ship and will add all corresponding buffs based on your energy levels, Tech Tree purchases, Class selection and controlled artifacts.
  • Perfect for those who want to play Mothership but don’t want to keep track adding buffs to their dice rolls.
  • The visuals are designed to match the physical version as closely as possible.
  • The artifact screen allows you to Develop planets and automatically calculates their planet defence.
  • Dice roller includes Random Event Dice and Bonus Dice.
  • The app also includes a full card list and board layout gallery.
  • Available on iPhone and Android as 16:9 screen ratio or on iPad as 4:3 ratio. While the app was designed primarily for use on 16:9 devices, for the best experience it is recommended to use the 4:3 iPad version where possible.
Control Panel Screen
Technology Tree
Dice Roller Screen
Artifact and Development Screen

App Privacy Policy

The Mothership 2nd Edition app does not collect any of your personal data in anyway. I was barely able to code this thing, let alone make it take your data. I make board games, not apps! Anyway, that fulfills my obligation to have a privacy policy.

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