Board Layouts

A feature of Mothership is it’s dynamic game board. No two games are the same. You’re free to choose and create your own layout. If you’re looking for some pre-made layouts or some inspiration then below is a gallery of different maps you can create with the tiles that come with the base game.

Submit to the Gallery

Design your own layouts using the Layout Creator web app. Then email them to me (peter[at] to be included on this page.

Submission Guidelines
  1. Your submission can be for any player quantity from 2 to 8. Please be aware, all players will have the ability to play with 6 people. 8 players requires the XL Add-on pack.
  2. Maps need to be balanced. No one player should have more access to planets than others, or be overly protected by asteroids while one is left open.
  3. Make sure asteroid tiles do not overlap (player and planet markers are allowed to be on top of asteroids tiles though).
  4. Resource flow is kept steady with planets. There should be one planet per player plus an extra one or two. Generally each player should have easy access to a planet within the first two turns.
  5. Type the name of the map at the top and your name at the bottom. Please don’t enter websites or course language into these fields (social media handles are okay).
  6. PNG format preferred. If you don’t crop your screenshot I will do it for you.

2 Players

3 Players

4 Players

5 Players

6 Players

8 Players

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